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March 31, 1997
Slam Nation 1st Show

Jeremy Medjana and Bouna Ndiaye, two essential characters in the basketball world and founders of COMSPORT created a concept they call it Slam Nation!

On March 31, 1997, their troupe of elite Dunkers landed in Tourcoing for a first flight ...

Before the Internet, viral videos and globalization, there was the Slam Nation.
Eighteen years ago, the first group of European dunkers was born ...


The Harlem Globe Trotters are the references in the whole world when it comes to making the show.

In 1997, a new trend emerged in the world of basketball: dunkers troops.

Today there are more than one but it is a team of French who is at the origin of the movement and who is precursor.

This team is the Slam Nation.

Born from the meeting between Kadour Ziani and the two NBA agents Bouna N'Diaye and Jérémy Medjana, the Slam Nation has traveled the world to animate the half-time matches with exceptional and spectacular dunks.

Kadour and his acolytes first exhibited their art in France with a first official show in Tourcoing in 1997.

« The true pioneers are the ones who laid the foundation stone for this show. There were Abdoul Bamba, Gilles Tirilly, Mohamed Taamallah, Nasser Soule, Salomon Sami, Michael Hadjiri and me.
This first show marked the beginning of the Slam Nation adventure. »



The phenomenon Slam Nation quickly crossed the borders and the adventure took on the appearance of world tours. The dunkers have forged an international reputation.

In China, in the United States, in Europe, all want to attend the show offered by the actors of the Slam Nation. In 1998, while Asia became passionate about basketball, the Chinese public discovered the dunk through an Asian tour of Slam.

The following year, the NBA uses the services of dunkers. After raising crowds across Europe and Asia, Kadour and his gang are attacking the land of the orange ball.

The protesters Bouna N'Diaye and Jeremy Medjana make the show at halftime Bulls, Knicks and Sonics, under the eyes of Allen Iverson and other players NBA amazed.


Beyond athletic performance, it is the state of mind of Slam and their opening to the public that has marked the generations. The dunkeurs took their audience out of their spectator status and made them actors in their shows.

« Today, the Slam Nation will forever be the one that gave the dunk its nobility to make it a discipline and a culture in its own right.

Culture that will continue with the creation of the brand Slam Nation...»


Pillar of the Slam Nation, the one dubbed the Dunk Father is also one of the last to remain in contact with the dunk and continue to operate. Ambassador dunk in France and Europe,  Kadour Ziani  is unanimous among his peers.

Over the years, young dunkers took over from the troupe with Kadour Ziani, who accompanied them in their adventure.

The dunk has become a highly publicized and widely practiced discipline under the influence of Slam Nation and Kadour Ziani, which is widely acclaimed by the public, but also by European stars and NBA players.

Today SlamNation is also a gathering of several disciplines Freestyle Basket, Danse, Parkour and of course the Dunk.

With world-renowned athletes from the biggest teams, the shows are guaranteed.

Guy Dupuy (No rest for greatness)

Marco Favretto (Sky Jumper)

Brisco (S3 freestyle)

Andreas (S3 freestyle)


It is partly through the brand Slam Nation that the adventure continues by conveying cherished values: Sincerity, Authenticity, Excellence and Accessibility.


The brand Slam Nation will offer sports textiles (T-shirts, sweet ...) and lifestyle (shirts, polos ...) but also accessories (caps, hats, balloons ...)

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